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Worcestershire College

Teaching Visual Communications to Students at Heart of Worcestershire College

Three times a year, Shire’s Mark Hartley sets off for Heart of Worcestershire College to teach a module in visual communications.  Mark, who heads up the Telecommunications Design Team for Shire, has written a specific module for the Foundation Degree in Interactive Media & Games design.

The first step is an introduction to Shire and how photomontage is used in a commercial environment.  Mark teaches the students about the importance of 3D modelling, photomontage and other visual skills to communicate design vision & design details to various people involved in the building industry.

The final project for the course is fully flyby & walkthrough a newly designed building with full 3D modelling and animation.

This is our 9th year of doing the course and have at times employed some of the students to work in the telecoms dept.