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Raising Money for St Basils in 2022

Here at Shire, we think it’s important to give back to those in need. In lieu of sending gifts out to our clients at Christmas, we decided that the money would be better spent (and I’m sure you’ll all agree) by gifting it to support those in need.

This meant that at Christmas last year (2021) we donated over £5,000 to St Basils – a charity that gives homeless young people a chance to improve their lives and kick start their journey to employment.

To try and keep things fun for our clients, we put together a little competition to help raise awareness for the charity. We hope you all enjoyed taking part and that the Framed Cell from the movie White Christmas is sitting proudly on the winners wall.

A Lifeline for Young People

St Basils charity works with homeless young people to help them find a stable home and develop confidence and skills to increase employment opportunities. Their aim is to give young people the skills and knowledge to prevent future homelessness.

St Basils works with those that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, to increase opportunities and kick start their journey back to employment. By giving young people skills that will last a lifetime, St Basils work is vital for those that are in need, and who otherwise may be left without help and support.

The work that St Basils charity does is a lifeline for many young people – the charity houses over 500 young people every single night.

Learn more about St Basils and make a donation here

Shire and St Basils

We think it’s important to help young people in every way we can. Our donation goes towards accommodation for young people to help bridge the gap between starting work and receiving their first pay cheque – one which will give them opportunities to change their lives.

We take pride in being founded in the Midlands, and supporting a local charity is close to our heart. With over 40 supported accommodation schemes across the area, St Basils offers a vital helping hand for young people across the Midlands.

Looking Ahead

Throughout 2022 we will continue to support St Basils and the important work that they do, now more than ever. The last few years have been incredibly hard for many, and with a rise in homelessness and job losses, we want to continue to support the incredible work that St Basils do everyday, to help young people get back on their feet.