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We Are All in This Together

Please remember that we are all in this together. These are difficult times, and the coronavirus is changing life as we know it, but remember that one day all of this will be behind us and we’ll share stories and memories about how we got through it; about the time when everyone’s health was everyone’s absolute No.1 priority and we all did our very best to protect that.

We Are Continuing to Support Our Customers

During these challenging times for everyone, we at Shire continue to support our customers.  We have added new assessments and practices to ensure we can continue to do that safely. We continue to provide support for structural design as well as emergency situations, surveys and geotechnical investigations. All designers and engineers are now working from home. All surveys and geotechnical investigations will continue with amendments to working practices that are in line with Government guidelines. Each one will be thoroughly assessed on their individual merit and circumstances.

Staying Responsible

As a responsible company, we have identified a small number of working practices, that relate to specific installations in a specific industry, where guidelines cannot currently be met. These are being rescheduled until Government guidelines can be met. However, this does not impact the work we do for the majority of industries.

In order to assess our construction work, we are referring to both Government guidelines and to the Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedures.  The Cabinet Office has confirmed that construction in England can continue as long as it can be done safely and in accordance with the guidance. We’re assessing this frequently and if anyone would like to review the information, please follow the link below:

If anyone has any concerns or queries, please contact Angela Griffin on or 07753 963677.