Clay Pile

Specialist slip sleeve allows for movement

  • Clay grips outer sleeve leaving pile stable
  • Greater depth up to 10-12m augered piles to be drilled using lightweight hand manoeuvrable wheeled rig
  • Small diameter (115mm) reduced waste
  • Increased pile capacity up to 120kN

Shortly afterwards, we designed our Clay pile.  An innovative solution for piles driven into clay. They enable the clay to grip a movement sleeve on the outside of the pile.  While fully supporting the structure above, any clay can heave and haw as the moisture content changes without gripping onto the pile and adding further pressures.

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Freestanding support without ground anchors

  • Temporary foundation solution
  • Designed by Structural Engineers
  • 360° levelling head
  • Patented design

The Shire Pad has been specifically designed to sit on the surface (or just below if needed) of the ground as a temporary support for cabins, shipping containers and lightweight structures.  The innovative 360 degree head set it apart from similar solutions, as well as the backing and support from our engineers that come as standard with all of our products

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15M2 installed in 1 day

  • Fast installation time – 15m2 installed in 1 day
  • Combined floor, beam & pile solution
  • Unique patented design
  • Achieves U-values of 0.02 W/m2k
  • No need for mass concrete foundations
  • Reduces site excavation work
  • Minimises spoil to landfill

QuickBase is a multi-award-winning flooring, beam and pile system.  A totally unique lightweight foundation system for conservatories and lightweight structures, revolutionising conventional construction methods.

Lightweight Foundation System

This pioneering modular lightweight foundation system combines the highest quality construction with innovative, technical, environmental benefits as well as cost and time savings. QuickBase is based on helical screw piles, which support lightweight, part-recycled plastic ground beams connected via a series of push-fit joints to form a frame. The ground beam is then filled with a specially formulated non-shrink grout to give a high strength composite beam. The frame carries the load of the building through the piles to suitable bearing strata, uniquely removing the need for mass concrete foundations.

It is then fitted with a premanufactured damp-proof floor slab onto which the inner wall of the conservatory or extension is built.

QuickBase foundations are ideal for other single storey structures such as extensions or modular buildings. Critically, they more than meet the requirements of building control regulations.

Cost-Effective Foundation Solution

QuickBase is particularly cost-effective when working in confined spaces, where soil conditions would usually require deep excavation, where limited parking restricts the ability to remove the spoil associated with deep excavation and where trees are near the built site.

QuickBase systems don’t require wet trade finishing, so labour costs are cheaper and build time is faster. The foundations can be quickly laid by approved QuickBase installers, with full training available to those contractors looking to achieve approved installer status.

Unlike traditional foundations, QuickBase is ideal for less than perfect ground. The piles are generally driven to 4m depth (deeper if required), guaranteeing suitable load-bearing strata, and avoiding troublesome tree roots.

Fully Compliant with Building Regulations

QuickBase is fully compliant with Building Regulations and designed to meet Local Building Control scrutiny.

The QuickBase Design Engineers work in partnership with both local Authority and Private Building Control to ensure all required standards are delivered. QuickBase works with all roof wall and floor configurations.

Design software integrates with most leading conservatory, architecture and modular building design systems. QuickBase is the number one solution for guaranteed, high quality, noncorrosive foundations that give complete peace of mind to the homebuyer.

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Supports loads of up to 70kN

  • Fast installation time
  • Low ground disturbance
  • 3 sections: head, stem & base
  • Fully galvanised steel
  • Designed to gain capacity in both cohesive & granular soils
  • No concrete
  • Installation in confined spaces / difficult access
  • Specified according to loading requirement & ground conditions

The Shire Pile was the product designed and patented by Shire. In 1998, a major insurance company came to us with a challenge of how to provide structural support to houses where access issues cause major challenges with getting in to repair the building without causing more damage by trying to get heavy equipment through a house.  What they were finding was the damage caused by carrying out the repair was making the costs unfeasibly high.

The Shire Pile was created. Able to be carried by hand, installed using hand held equipment, with minimal soil disruption an no concrete it quickly became the industry standard for what is classed as ‘small’ piling repairs across the country. To quote Frank Russel, Operation & Development Manager for Lloyds Banking Grouo “Shire’s methods saved Insurers £10m in 3 years alone”.

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RootBase D-Range

Supports platforms

  • Fast installation time
  • installed below depth of services
  • No concrete
  • Available with 1.5, 2, 2.5 & 3m ground anchors
  • Designed to loading & ground conditions
  • Reusable
  • Installed with lightweight post driver
  • 700mm height

The RootBase D-Range uses the same principles as the RootBase S-Range but is designed specifically for supporting platform legs, posts or ‘legs’ for structures.  A narrow hole is dug out to 70cm deep, the product is placed inside the hole, spoil is backfilled into the hole and ground anchors are driven into the ground to secure it. The product can be carried by hand and installed using handheld equipment.

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RootBase S-Range

Installed in 15 minutes

  • Tested with vertical forces of over 15 tonnes
  • No concrete
  • Available in over 10 configurations
  • Reusable
  • Designed to loading & ground conditions
  • installed with lightweight post driver
  • Available with 1.5, 2, 2.3, 3m ground anchors
  • Compact size

The RootBase S-Range is an innovative product designed to solve the challenges of expensive, labour intensive, traditional concrete foundations.  With a range of options & connection details, they are designed to support loads of up to 15 tonnes individually.  Given that they can be installed in 15 minutes, they’re now a popular solution for people looking for either temporary or permanent solutions for single storey buildings, temporary structures or even shipping container structures.  It can be supplied with a variety of connection heads, including our own QuickBase 360o levelling head.  Alternatively, we can design and manufacture most forms of bespoke connection.

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Groundfill Base

Supports signs up to 1m x 1m, installed in 1 hour

  • Tested with lateral forces of 6kN
  • No concrete
  • Spoil is backfilled into the void
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Designed to loading & ground conditions
  • Installed with hand-held equipment
  • Available with or without ground anchors
  • Height adjustable

The Shire GroundFill Base removes the need for traditional concrete footings.  Traditionally to install speed signs or low level signage, a 1m3 hole is dug out, the spoil is carried away (often treated as contaminated waste) and the hole is filled with concrete.  In areas that are difficult to access, or where multiple signs are being installed, this can quickly become an expensive, labour intensive option.  The GroundFill Base still requires a hole to be dug out, but once the product is placed in the ground, the spoil is placed back inside the hole.  The patented structural supports provide lateral stability against forces up to 6kN (the equivalent of very high winds acting upon a 1m x 1m sign). They are installed with hand held equipment, recyclable and reusable. 

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