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The team at Shire Consulting can provide specialised design services right where they are needed – on site. At initial Multi-Skilled Visits (MSV’s), a qualified structural engineer and electrical engineer can attend site, to ensure that the client walks away with a workable design solution. Trained designer detailers also attend MSV’s, to ensure the drawings produced following the survey are technically complete and accurate.
The information required from a site survey will vary, and our surveyors are trained to identify and respond to the requirements of each individual site. Our services include tower climbing surveys, structural surveys, electrical surveys, audits of existing BTS sites, dish-link surveys and internal microcell design surveys. We are also trained in the use of Personal Fall Protection Equipment and Rope Access techniques, enabling our surveyors to gather details from rooftop sites which are inaccessible to other service providers. All of our telecoms staff are trained in Roof Safety, Access and RF Awareness.