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Resin Injection Subsidence Repair

Resin Injection Subsidence Repair

Subsidence is a common issue. It occurs when the ground under a building collapses, or sinks lower and takes some of the foundations of the building with it. This puts a strain on the structure of the building and as one side sinks, cracks start to appear in the building.

Subsidence repair can be expensive and time-consuming. Traditional subsidence repair methods, such as underpinning, may require excavation of the original foundations which places the building out of action until the repair is complete. However, Shire’s innovative Resin Injection Subsidence Treatment can repair even the most severe cases of subsidence in a much smaller time frame.

Shires Resin Injection Subsidence Treatment

Shire’s Resin Injection Subsidence Treatment provides an excavation-free method of foundation improvement that is the perfect alternative to underpinning. Resin injection offers a variety of advantages that other repair methods cannot and is suitable for commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings.

How it Works

Our resin injection method is conducted by first assessing the cause of movement and the structural condition of the property. Then, if resin injection is considered a viable option, holes are drilled at precise, pre-designated locations around the property. Using our levelling monitoring technology, and under highly controlled conditions, the resin is then injected into the holes to lift the property back to the required position. This process also strengthens the ground underneath to reduce the risk of future movement.

The Key Benefits of Resin Injection Subsidence Repair

Resin injection subsidence repair is non-disruptive and distraction-free. This means that residential, business and commercial buildings can continue to run without any downtime. This means that buildings can continue to operate at full capacity.
Resin injection subsidence repair can be completed in days, rather than the weeks or months that more traditional methods can take. Every step of the process is carefully planned and executed by experienced professionals to ensure the repair goes smoothly.
Our resin injection subsidence treatment is suitable for a range of building types and sizes and can restore foundations back to their original condition, repairing the damage that has occurred over a number of years.
This method of subsidence treatment is well-planned and delivered with precision to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and with as little mess and destruction as possible.
The resin we use is incredibly strong. It can lift three-storey buildings and provide a long-lasting solution for any application.
Environmentally Friendly
Unlike underpinning methods, resin injection does not require any excavation which can disturb laying ground. It is also certified as having no negative impact on the environment.

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Resin Injection Subsidence Repair Case studies

Housing Association Property in Hampshire

Housing Association Property in Hampshire

The ground floor of a housing association property in Hampshire had dropped by around two inches due to ground movement. Shire was contacted by the housing association to find a suitable solution to repair the issue before any significant damage was caused to the property.

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