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Resin Injection Slab Lifting

Resin Injection Slab Lifting

While resin injection can be used to improve the strength of existing soil, a similar process can be applied to re-levelling existing concrete slabs that have sunk. We have successfully been using resin injection technology to provide a slab lifting service that can relevel existing floors with minimal disruption and dust.

This method is used to relevel concrete slabs in domestic, commercial (offices, shops, retail outlets) and many industrial (warehouse, factory) applications. Due to its growing reputation as a popular, non-disruptive method Shire have established our own dedicated team to provide this service.  With over 30 experience, our team of experts can advise quickly on whether slab lifting is an appropriate method, discuss pricing & next steps.

The Resin Injection Process

Typically, the cause of movement is established first using our ground investigation team.  Then the slab undergoes a structural condition assessment. Assuming the slab is structurally sound and slab lifting is established as a viable option, holes are drilled into the existing slab in a controlled, pre-designed pattern ready for the process to begin. Using our level monitoring technology & under highly controlled conditions, the slab is carefully lifted back to the required position, while also strengthening & consolidating the ground underneath to reduce the risk of future movement.

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Insurance Approved

This method is accepted by UK Insurance companies, Housing Associations and is a cost-effective repair method for uninsured or self-insured repairs.

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Our specialist team are available to discuss the suitability of this service by emailing or calling 01527 579933.

Resin Injection Slab Lifting Case studies

Housing Association Property in Hampshire

Housing Association Property in Hampshire

The ground floor of a housing association property in Hampshire had dropped by around two inches due to ground movement. Shire was contacted by the housing association to find a suitable solution to repair the issue before any significant damage was caused to the property.

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