Shire Exhibit at The Glamping Show 2019

Shire is happy to announce that we will be visiting The Glamping Show 2019 to exhibit some of our innovative, concrete-free foundation solutions that can provide the ideal base for glamping structures.

The Glamping Show 2019
When:19th – 21st September 2019
Where:NAEC, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, CV8 2LZ
The Glamping Show 2019

Glamping is a word derived from Glamourous and Camping. It describes a style of camping that is not unlike traditional camping, but often with added luxury. Glamping features structures such as Yurts, tipis, pods, bell tents, vintage caravans, vintage trailers, safari tents, tent cabins, treehouses, small brick structures and more. They often have private bathrooms, log burners, cooking facilities and other modern amenities that are not usually associated with camping.

Glamping is on the rise, and more and more businesses are investing in glamping sites and facilities. The Glamping Show offers an opportunity for these businesses to learn about industry trends, plus pick up tips and ideas. It also gives them the opportunity to discover new technologies and suppliers they need to help them add those extra touches to their Glampsites and grow their glamping businesses, all in one place.

Shire At The Glamping Show

The entire stability of any building is dependant on its foundations. Every year in the UK, millions of pounds are spent repairing damage to buildings caused by foundation problems, and this includes temporary, semi-permanent and permanent glamping facilities.

This year, Shire will be at The Glamping Show to demonstrate how our innovative range of concrete-free foundation systems, designed for both temporary and permanent structures, can provide the perfect, cost-effective and hassle-free base for your glamping structures and help prevent foundation problems that are all too common.

What We Will Be Exhibiting

We will be taking along two of our concrete-free, easy and quick to install foundation systems: 


QuickBase is a multi-award-winning flooring, beam and pile system.  A totally unique lightweight foundation system for conservatories and lightweight structures, revolutionising conventional construction methods. QuickBase is easy to deploy and can overcome the challenges set by less than perfect ground.

RootBase S-Range

Shire’s RootBase S-Range is designed to solve the challenges of expensive, labour intensive, traditional concrete foundations. With a range of options and connection details, they are designed to support loads of up to 15 tonnes individually and can be installed in as little as fifteen minutes.

Come and Say Hi!

The Glamping Show 2019 will be held at the National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth between 19th and 21st September 2019. Sire will be glamping out at stand 170. We’d love the opportunity to show you how our concrete-free foundation products can help you with your glamping businesses venture and provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to your foundation needs so please pop by and say hi!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or click on the banner below to find out more about The Glamping Show.

The Glamping Show 2019