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Shire Piles Shire Piles Shire Piles

Shire Piles

Shire Piles and Shire Stabilizers are small diameter steel piles with helical fins on the base section. The piles are driven into the ground using a compressed air post driver. The difference between piles and stabilizers is the application and the design approach.

Shire Piles are used to support new build structures. They are designed to fully support the structure and are usually designed with a minimum safety factor of 2. Typical uses would be new build garages, conservatories, porches, etc.

Shire Stabilizers are used to strengthen existing foundations. The stabilizers are generally installed as a single line on the outside of the foundation and this produces a moment at the head of the stabilizer. The strength of the existing building is used to reduce this moment. Typical applications would be subsidence repairs due to soft ground or clay shrinkage movements.