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Jacking (Porch) Jacking (Porch) Jacking (Porch) Jacking (Porch)

Jacking (Porch)

We were asked by our Loss adjuster client to attempt stabilization and re-levelling of an entrance porch to a property in Northampton. The property had been pulling away from the main structure and sinking for a period of time. Investigation confirmed that the porch was poorly founded on a shallow concrete slab, with good bearing strat some 2.0 m below the existing footing.

following input from our design team, we installed a number of Shire piles around the perimeter of the structure. The piles were then fitted with Shire pile jacking heads. The jacking head is placed under the existing footing, prior to starting the lifting process. Within a short space of time the full load of the structure is picked up on the jacking head and supported by the newly installed piles. Once the internal floor is returned to level and the gaps at the abutting building have closed,the pile head is locked into position and the jack is removed. The head of the pile is cast in concrete and the soil is replaced above the top of the pile.

The repair was completed in 1 day at a fraction fo the cost of a demolition and rebuild.

The jacking system is limited to lifting single storey structures founded on shallow strip footings,reinforced rafts and ground bearing slabs.