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Root Barriers Root Barriers Root Barriers Root Barriers

Root Barriers

In areas where the local geology is made up of shrinkable clay sub-soils, significant structural damage can be caused by tree roots undermining the foundations and extracting water to feed tree growth. Root barriers are installed to stop foundation damage associated with mature trees in close proximity to the structure. They are a physical barrier placed between the tree and the property in question. Root barriers are designed in consultation with our geotechnical team and arborists. The barriers can be installed to depths as great as 4 metres below ground.

With care it is possible to minimise damage to the area of installation to an area of excavation no wider than 400mm. The images show a tree that is in close proximity to the home, the roots of which have undermined the foundations. The garden and drive are carefully protected to minimise damage during the remedial work. Sheet piles are installed to pre-determined depths alongside the affected wall. The piles are then cut off just below ground level and capped with concrete prior to reinstatement of the surface finishes. This specialist technique allows a root trench to be safely installed close to an existing building.