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Floor Lifting Floor Lifting Floor Lifting Floor Lifting

Floor Lifting

Floor lifting can be achieved in different ways, depending on the site conditions. The ground itself can be modified so as to provide a more stable sub-strata for the building. Alternatively, using piles and jacks, the loading of the structure can be transferred to better ground, further below the surface.

Resin Injection:
Shire have developed technology to allow us to inject expanding P.U.R grouts into the sub-soils
Controlled delivery of the rapidly expanding and consolidating material allows us to control the lift of concrete slabs to tolerances of as little as 1.0mm.

Shire can restore levels of failed raft and slab foundations using a combination of piles and hand jacks. Laser level monitors are used to ensure the slab is lifted precisely back to the desired heights. This method is commonly used to restore the original levels of light weight structures such as conservatories, garages, porches, in many instances successful jacking removes the need for expensive demolition and reconstruction.