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Resin Injection Resin Injection Resin Injection

Resin Injection

We were asked to investigate the possibility of consolidating the poorly compacted ground beneath an internal floor of a domestic property in Basingstoke. The client was particularly keen not to move the disabled tenant out of the home, and to keep disturbance to a minimum. Ideally the client wished the floor to be returned to its original level.

The internal floor slab had dropped by approximately 30mm. Subsurface Dynamic probing confirmed loose granular fill material to approximately 1.5 m below the finished floor level. Engineers mapped the levels of the floor and then technicians inserted a grid of injection ports.

Resin was injected beneath the floor (monitored during the process using laser levelling devices). As the rapid set resin volumes increase, the subsoil compacts, very quickly the floor slab starts to lift.

The home owner was out of the property for 3 hours, On their return they were delighted that they no longer “rolled downhill” in their living room. The repair was cheaper than the alternative of digging out the floor and renewing the hardcore and floor slab, even before considering the disturbance and inconvenience a traditional repair would have caused the home owner.