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Waterproofing Waterproofing Waterproofing


The basement of a central London Pub was suffering from significant water ingress through the 225mm thick brick over arch.
In addition to the water ingress there was also evidence of collapse at the Crown of the arch , where heavy dray lorries and vehicles had overloaded the arch and caused it to flatten.

The problem was complicated by the basement running outside the building line of the pub and under the busy West End street. There was as little as 200mm between the top of the basement arch and the paving slabs at street level.

It was essential that the pub did not close during treatment works.

Shire Engineers designed internal support walls to prevent further flattening of the arch.

The basement was waterproofed by injecting a rapid set acrylic resin to the outside of the brick vaulted ceiling via 10mm diameter injection ports drilled from the inside of the cellar. The gel forms a waterproof, flexible material on contact with water. By drilling the injection ports at strategically placed centres we were able to inject the water-reactive resin into the areas where water was penetrating into the structure.

The job was completed without interruption to trade.