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Auger Piles Auger Piles Auger Piles Auger Piles Auger Piles Auger Piles

Auger Piles

This structure was demolished due to tree root induced clay shrinkage, causing the foundations to fail. Shire designed and installed an Auger piled raft foundation.

The foundation incorporated anti-heave protection in the form of “Cordek” heave protection coupled with Anti Heave sleeves fitted to the Auger piles.

First, the failed foundations are removed, then the site is prepared and set out for piling. A Compact tracked auger rig was then used to bore 300mm diameter bores as deep as 16 metres below ground. After that, the piles are installed and the shuttered perimeter is formed. Once that is done, the base is levelled and the anti-heave protection installed. Steel reinforcement is installed and finally the concrete is poured and finished.